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Power Stretch Roller
Power Stretch Roller
Power Stretch Roller
Power Stretch Roller
Power Stretch Roller

Power Stretch Roller

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“Hustle for that muscle.🏋️‍♂️💪”

Abdominal Fitness Equipment Power Stretch Roller is the totally fast and easy way to shed inches, builds muscles, and tones those "hard to" areas of the body. Power Stretch Roller lets you do many exercises like an abdominal stretch, seated hamstring stretch, v-hamstring stretch, shoulder and bicep stretches, therapy stretches, vertical lat stretches and more.
The Power Stretch Roller is a complete upper body workout that shapes, tones and strengthens in just minutes a day. With this abdominal fitness equipment one can work on ABS, waistline, oblique’s, arms, chest, back, and shoulders.
Power Stretch Roller is the latest in abdominal exercise equipment intended for fast, effective ab exercise. Power Stretch Roller is compact, portable, and helps you achieve the ABS you've always wanted. The unique progressive power range of this makes it highly effective and targets the areas you need to work on most. The smooth gliding action is the simple and effective secret of Power Stretch Roller is moving forwards and back will do the trick. Always begin the Power Stretch Roller by rolling in the direction of the arrow, pushing away from the body
  • Reduce Your Waistline
  • Burn Off Excess Calories
  • Slims, Trims & Tones Abdominals, Waist, Arms. Back&Shoulders

The product is made out of the best quality material, which ensures that it is extremely durable and will last many workouts. It is a perfect addition to your home fitness collection.

  • Reduce Your Waistline
  • Burn Off Excess Calories
  • Slims, Trims & Tones Abdominals, Waist, Arms.
  • Back and Shoulders
  • A complete body workout in just minutes a day in the comfort and convenience of your home, office, even hotel room.
  • Start looking great, the easy way!
  • 100% guaranteed the result! By simply rolling forward and backward you tone and firm your entire upper body.
  • You control the degree of your workout by rolling farther or closer to easily strengthen, stretch and firm.


How to use Power Stretch Roller

1. Hold the Ab Roller with both hands and kneel on the floor.

2. Now place the Ab Roller on the floor in front of you so that you are on all your hands and knees (as in a kneeling push up position). This will be your starting position.

3. The machine is functional from the resistance of the spring. So, when practicing, the wheels should be pushed and moved forward, then the spring is lengthened and produces resistance.

4. The soft pad is used to protect the knees. The arrow direction should face forward, otherwise, the resistance of the spring will be reduced.

5. After the machine is equipped properly, it is not easily broken and no need for maintenance.

6. Slowly roll the Ab Roller straight forward, stretching your body into a straight position. Tip: Go down as far as you can without touching the floor with your body. Breathe in during this portion of the movement.

7. After a pause at the stretched position, start pulling yourself back to the starting position as you breathe out. Tip: Go slowly and keep your abs tight at all times.