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Active Pedal Exerciser
Active Pedal Exerciser
Active Pedal Exerciser
Active Pedal Exerciser
Active Pedal Exerciser

Active Pedal Exerciser

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This product can be used on a tabletop as an arm exerciser or placed on the floor to exercise your legs. when you want to exercise your leg, remember never stand on it, but sit down. Lightweight design is easy to move and store!

For an easy, impact-free cardiovascular workout in the comfort of your home!

Strengthen your legs, arms, and heart without damaging your joints!

Get the benefits of a cardiovascular workout! This pedal exerciser helps stimulate circulation, has a variable resistance adjustment knob, and is compact and light.

• Improves circulation, coordination and muscle strength
• Ideal for beginners, convalescents, and seniors
• Can be placed on the floor for leg exercise or on a table for upper body exercise
• Adjustable resistance allows you to increase effort as you progress
• Compact and portable, it can be stored under a bed or chair


10 Benefits of using a Pedal Exerciser for the elderly

These are 10 benefits that a pedal exerciser can have for the elderly:


  1. It allows them to maintain an active lifestyle without giving up exercising.
  2. Regular exercising can help the elderly sleep better and improves their mood
  3. Lowers and maintains blood pressure
  4. Keeps joints healthy and reduces the risks of Arthritis
  5. Strengthens and tones muscles on the upper and lower body
  6. Regular pedaling burns calories and promotes weight loss
  7. Beneficial in the rehabilitation of certain leg injuries
  8. Improves blood circulation and metabolism
  9. Improves productivity and can help with multitasking.
  10. The lightweight and portability feature ensures that a workout is not missed.

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ProActive Pedal Exerciser